Planning for retirement

Regardless if your retirement is five or twenty-five years away, the thought of giving up work entirely one day can be as daunting as it is exciting.

There is plenty you wish to see, do and achieve. Nevertheless, your ability to cross the retirement finish line may feel like it hangs on one important question:

“Will I be able to live the way I want to live?”.

As a working professional, you’ve probably built up a certain level of wealth over the years. Its exact value, and what sort of lifestyle it will provide, is probably an unknown. Life doesn’t stop when you leave the world of work. You want to be sure you can enjoy retirement to the full.

Our service will help you:

  • Clearly define your ideal lifestyle for retirement, whether that’s to travel the world or simply enjoy the freedoms of life beyond work
  • Calculate how much income you will need in retirement in order to achieve your goals
  • Understand the value of your pensions, savings and investments, and what this all means for your future
  • Optimise your financial arrangements to ensure your capital is working as hard as it can for you
  • Build the confidence to pass the retirement finish line, confident in the knowledge that you can live the life you want and achieve the goals that are most important to you

Already retired

As you will probably know, life doesn’t slow down after retirement. You may well be busier than ever before, whether you’re enjoying new hobbies, holidays or simply more time spent with your nearest and dearest. Nevertheless, ensuring your income can support you for the rest of your life requires careful financial planning.

What’s more, new financial concerns come into play once you reach retirement. Perhaps you’ve received a lump sum, whether from a pension or an inheritance, and want to ensure the money is put to good use in a way that is purposeful yet sustainable. In addition, you may be thinking about later life and what will happen to your loved ones after you’re gone. If you want to leave a financial legacy behind, now is the time to put a plan in place.

Our service will help you:

  • Establish your terms for a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement, and create a plan that ensures you are on track to achieve them
  • Ensure you are spending and saving in a way that is sustainable for the rest of your life
  • Optimise your financial arrangements so that your capital is working as hard as it can for you
  • Mitigate Inheritance Tax as much as possible, so that more of your money is left to your family
  • Leave a meaningful legacy behind for your loved ones, in accordance with your wishes

Business owners

As a business owner, you have several roles to fill. Whether you’re planning for the future of the business or managing day to day, the demands of your role can make it feel like you’re pulled in multiple directions. Making time to become financially organised, both at work and at home, can often fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

Many of the business owners we work with are in their 50s and 60s; they are therefore thinking about their own retirement and the future of their business. Others may not see themselves leaving the work they love for some years to come. Either way, they want to know whether they’re taking the right steps to secure the future they’ve worked so hard for.

Of course, life as a business owner can be complex. Barra, our Chartered Financial Planner, has many years’ experience in working with people like you; he is genuinely interested and invested in how your business works, and how well it’s working for you.

Our service will help you:

  • Organise your personal finances, as well as those of your business
  • Establish your plans for the future of your business, whether you intend to find a successor or sell, and ensure the transition is as smooth as possible
  • Withdraw money from your business as tax-efficiently as possible
  • Protect your business and family from unforeseen events
  • Establish your hopes and dreams for retirement, then ensure your finances can support your aspirations